Guests in Ukraine have been welcomed with an open mind and joy for centuries. There are bread and salt laying on a colorful embroidered rushnyk, as wells as a pottery on the stove. Ukrainian traditions and craftsmanship of artisans have been passing as a legacy for a long period of time.

“Seven piggies”, which is the only restaurant-museum in Lviv, features rushnyks embroidered with symbols, unique Hutsul interior of the XVI century, Ukrainian hospitality and European elegance.

Restaurant enchants at first sight and offers a fascinating journey through the time.

Only here you can see old houses of Ukrainian molfar, which have been transferred from Carpathian mountains and carefully assembled without a single nail. Water mill with blue underground river will plunge you into memories. In addition, during the winter an old tile stove will wrap you with comfort and warmth, just like mother.

Your journey will not pass without a beautiful miracles!
Лялька-мотанкаWe have
unique Ukrainian amulet – big motanka doll dated back to the XVIII century, which was given by famous Carpathian molfar. We are proud to present the world’s only legendary doll – special amulet, which gives prosperity, health and success to all who has respect and a sincere heart. Regular visitors know a little secret: if you approach a motanka doll and whisper your wish – it will definitely come true! After all, only here the wisdom of the great molfar embodies our plans into reality.

You will be charmed with ancient embroidery on the finest lace, colorful maiolica dishes, authentic wooden lamps and household items of our ancestors. Floor made of stone and wood turns every step you make into the journey through time and space.

But most of all you will be charmed by unique native Ukrainian cuisine.

zastavka-na-legenduVarious Ukrainian dishes and drinks prepared according to traditional Ukrainian recipes will give you pleasure and unforgettable experience.

The unique restaurant-museum presents the dish, which is unique in Ukraine – “Suckling pig”. It is prepared by our chef and baked in the oven only, so it has unique taste and aroma.

In addition, we are happy to serve you liqueurs prepared according to special ancient recipes, which have been passing as a legacy for centuries in Ukrainian families. The ancient national traditions combined with the work of a talented chef – that’s the key to success and pride of our restaurant-museum. We use natural organic food and water sources only, which makes the dishes delicious and unsurpassed.